Back to Real Life + Aruba Highlights

Aruba was a blast and I’d go back again in a heartbeat, but I’m happy to be home. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed or taking a nice hot shower in your own bathroom. I also got to see this guy again!


We picked up Oscar yesterday morning from Brian’s sister’s house. This was the first time we left Oscar for more than a few hours so I was worried about how he would handle staying with someone else. Fortunately, he did pretty well. Oscar is a shy cat so he spent the beginning of the week hiding behind Brian’s sister’s couch, but he eventually warmed up and was brave enough to spend some time with her family.

Brian and I were happy to have Oscar home and I like to think he missed us too. This is how he spent most of yesterday afternoon.


The only downside of my vacation (if I can even say that) is that my luggage is lost. I’m hoping to get it soon, but getting a straight answer out of Spirit Airlines is a lot more difficult than it should be. Not to detract from the positivity of this post, but I do want to say I’d be hesitant to fly Spirit again because my family has had several issues with the airline. Just an FYI.

Moving on…I’m happy with the amount of workouts I managed to put in while I was away. Brian and I worked out four days on the trip. I stuck with the treadmill for my cardio since it was so hot outside. I also used free weights and a few leg machines Brian introduced me to. I don’t usually use any weight machines at the gym, but I might be adding them into my routine to mix things up.

Some of the highlights of Aruba:

-Snorkeling: I wish I had pictures of this, but I was having too much fun to remember to take them. My family went on a snorkeling tour that involved stopping at three different sites including a WWII shipwreck. The tour boat stopped right over the shipwreck so when we got into the water and looked down it was right beneath us. It was really cool! There were scuba divers down there too.

-The food, especially the lasagna…weird I know, but it was awesome. The meat isn’t actually in the lasagna. Instead, the pasta and cheese just kind of float in it. Amazing!


-The margaritas! The best I’ve ever had.


-Surprise 4th of July fireworks: Considering we were in another country, I didn’t expect any kind of celebration, but my family was surprised when we suddenly saw fireworks lighting up the sky behind one of the hotels on our walk back from dinner. It was just like being home!


-This view:


Alright, it’s back to the real world for me. I will see you all tomorrow!


One thought on “Back to Real Life + Aruba Highlights

  1. Awww I bet Oscar is so happy to have you guys home! My cat, Kiki, is always ridiculously needy when we get back from a vacation and will spend the entire day cuddling up with different members of our family :). Drooooooling over that lasagna and that margarita! I’m so glad you had a fab vacation- you deserve it!

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