My Friday 5

My Friday Five 7/11

Happy Friday! This has seen like the longest week ever to me, but that might be because I’ve been looking forward to this Saturday for months! This weekend is my cousin Erica’s bachelorette party. We leave tomorrow at 9 a.m. for a day and night of fun at Foxwoods.

Now, since it’s Friday it’s time for the usual business around here: My Friday Five. My five favorite things this week are….


Coach Wristlet


Brian’s sister and her husband bought this for me as an early birthday present (my birthday is Monday). I absolutely love it and as soon as they gave it to me I switched over my wallet and have been using this ever since. The wristlet can comfortably fit my iPhone, credit cards, license and money.



This is the view from my hotel in Aruba. Technically it’s from last week, but I’m still drooling over it so I figured it gets a spot this week too.



Overgram is an app that allows you to add text to photos. Brian’s cousin introduced me to this a while ago, but I’ve recently started using it a lot again. It’s a really easy way to quickly edit the photos on your phone. The app is also really easy to use, which is a definite plus.

This Quote


Wise words my friends. Also, I have no idea who Zig Ziglar is so I just googled him. Apparently he is a motivational speaker/salesman.

Pinterest Workouts


If you guys haven’t already guessed, I LOVE pinterest  for finding/keeping track of workouts. I always pin routines I find on other people’s blogs and if I don’t have time to make up my own workout circuit I do one of the ones I’ve pinned. That’s where all of my strength training comes from.

Have a great Friday everyone! I will see you Sunday with a bachelorette party recap!

What are your plans this weekend? Looking forward to anything?


2 thoughts on “My Friday Five 7/11

  1. LOVE that coach wristlet! I’m a big fan of wallets/wristlets that are big enough to store a ton in them since I basically carry around my entire life in it haha. Seriously, you should see my purse- it’s a mess!

    And thanks for the update on the text adding app! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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