How to Do an Awesome At-Home Workout


Anyone who’s read this blog knows that I’m the home workout queen, at least when it comes to strength training. I have a $10 a month gym membership at Planet Fitness where I use the cardio machines on non-running days or when there’s bad weather. Other than that, I complete all of my workouts at home.

I’ve debated switching to a pricier gym that offers classes and more equipment, but for now I’d rather save that money or put it elsewhere. With just a few pieces of equipment and a little help from the Internet, I manage to get in just as great of workout at home as I would at any gym.

Here’s what my set up looks like:


dumbbells (5lbs, 10lbs), similar

Yoga mat, similar

Stability ball, same –make sure you buy the right size for your height/weight.

In the future, I’d love to add to this list. I have my eye on some kettlebells and a BOSU Balance trainer (who knew those things were so expensive!).


A lot of people are worried they’ll be bored if they workout at home or they won’t be able to vary their workouts as much, but I haven’t found this to be the case. Many of you already know Pinterest is my go-to place for workout inspiration.


These are just some of the routines I’ve found. Check out my fitness board for more ideas. I also use YouTube to explore classes that interest me. I found this barre workout and a P90X workout. I’ve also used it to find zumba workouts and pretty much anything else you can think of. The Fitness Blender and POPSugar Fitness videos are good and both YouTube accounts have a lot of options.

I also use the Nike Training Club App, which has a ton of workouts that range from 40 minutes (or longer) to 10 minutes. You can choose your workout by level (beginner, intermediate, etc) or by goals—get lean, get strong, etc. You can even play your own music through the app. I’ve written about it before and I’d encourage everyone to check it out because the app is that good!


Majority of my cardio consist of running so all I need is my sneakers. On non-running days I use the elliptical at Planet Fitness, complete a Nike Training Club app cardio workout, do stairs at home or complete a bootcamp workout like this one or circuit workouts like these.

There ya go! That’s all you need to kick your butt at home!

Thoughts? Do prefer to workout at home or at the gym?


8 thoughts on “How to Do an Awesome At-Home Workout

  1. Since I have kids and not much free time, aside from my running anything else I do is at home, meaning any strength/core work. I’ve also been known to do a good bootcamp if we’ve been snowed in. You can definitely get a good workout at home!

  2. I’m super impressed about your ability to get in good at-home workouts! Mine always feel a little lackluster and I’m looking to change that. Thanks for the awesome workout ideas!

  3. I find that I am more productive in the gym, but I always do my core work at home (unless I take a CX work class). I usually take classes at the gym or use it for cross training. I hate that I pay so much for my gym, but I don’t know what I would do without bodypump!

  4. I enjoy working out at home rather than joining the spendy gym down the street. However, lately motivation has been an issue. Pinterest is great inspiration. I love your fitness board!

  5. Girlfriend! I am just the same as you. I’m a home worker outer and am debating on if I should get a cheap pass or not. I think I’ll only get a pass if I want more of a social life, otherwise, I’m set with a pull up bar and weights!

  6. I prefer to go out and workout outside of the house unless I’m sucked into a series at Netflix and then I”ll work out at home.

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