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Thinking Out Loud: Fitness Edition

Happy Thursday! I’m linking up with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for today’ post: Thinking Out Loud Fitness Edition. Here are the exercise related things I’ve been thinking about this week.


1). I need new running sneakers, but I’m totally lost when it comes to finding the right pair. I’ve been doing a lot of online research (completely normal for me) and the results are more than confusing. You need one kind of shoe if your an overpronater, a different kind if you have a high arch, another pair for trail running. I can’t keep track!

Any advice/suggestions for finding the right pair of running sneakers would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never put much thought into buying my shoes before, but since I’m running a lot more I think I probably should. I desperately need a new pair. I can always tell because my legs and feet hurt after a run, almost as if I’m not getting the support I need. That’s my hint to go shopping.

2). Oatmeal–I bought some Market Basket Brown Maple Sugar oatmeal to eat as a snack at work since my office is an ice box in the summer. As I was eating it today, I was thinking it probably would have been healthier to buy plain oatmeal and mix in whatever I wanted. There are 9 grams of sugar in the Market Basket brand oatmeal. Is that a lot for a “healthy food?”


3). It’s been nothing but rain here in Massachusetts for the past few days so my outdoor runs have been nonexistent. I’ve had to settle for the treadmill. I’m hoping the sun makes an appearance very soon. It looks like my chances are fairly good. According to the Yahoo Weather app anyway.


4). I really want to run another 5K sometime soon so I’ve been on the hunt for another somewhat local race. I’m also working on trying to improve my time and the Nike Running app has been extremely helpful for that! Now, if I could just get outside again….

5). I just finished Kara Goucher’s book and I loved it (aside from the annoying Q&A sections). I can’t wait to type up a review for you guys so I can share my thoughts. I juts need time to work it all out in my head first 🙂 .  Now I just need my next book….

What have you guys been thinking about this week?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Fitness Edition

  1. As far as running shoes go, I have no idea. I use a Nike pair that’s specified as “running shoes” but other than that, I’m not too much of an expert haha. I know that most people don’t prefer Nike’s when it comes to long distance running, though! I think 9 grams of sugar is fine. I usually don’t get too caught up of the breakdowns of food like oatmeal since it’s so good for you, but on the note of the 9g, remember that oats are carbs and carbs=sugar :).

  2. Good luck finding running shoes! My best advice would be find a store that analyzes your gait and allows you to run in them before buying 🙂

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