My Friday 5

My Friday Five (or Three) 7/18

Happy Friday! Anyone have exciting plans this weekend? I’m headed to a family cookout after work. My mom’s side of the family is all gathering at my parent’s lake house for a little bbq. Other than that, it should be a pretty low key weekend. I have a a lot of cleaning to do and laundry. I’m not sure if I mentioned it already, but my dryer is broken. Someone is coming out to look at it Tuesday. I’m hoping that it can be fixed and that it won’t cost too much!

On a happier note, it’s time for My Friday Five. Here are my favorite things this week:


Runs with my sister


Alicia and I have been meeting at a local park to use the trail there after work. While we don’t technically run together, it’s nice to have someone else there. I usually do a cool down that involves walking a mile so at that point we usually end up tackling it together. I’ve been looking forward to these runs everyday. For most of this week it was too rainy to get outside, but last night ended up being pretty nice so we were able to get in a few miles.

My New Coach Watch


I’ve worn this everyday since Brian gave it to me for my birthday on Monday. I was really impressed because he picked the watch out on his own and it’s exactly what I would have chosen for myself. Major brownie points! Brian really is the best 🙂 .

Blogging Outside

blogging outside

That actually happened this week. I guess one good thing about the rain is that it was slightly overcast everyday, enough so that I could see my computer screen outside. Since the weather has still been hot, Brian and I took advantage of a break in the drizzle and moved our work outside to the deck.

I know…this is only three things, but I couldn’t get my butt out of bed this morning so now I’m running late. Sorry! On that note, I’m off to dry my hair and finish my coffee.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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