Exactly What a Saturday Should Be

Good Morning!

Saturday was absolutely perfect. Brian and I slept until 8:30, had breakfast and lounged with a cup of coffee for a while before finally getting our butts moving. The weather was my favorite kind of weather for running so I headed to the track for a workout. There were only a few other people there so I was able to enjoy the quiet and had a nice, peaceful (but tough) run. The workout left with me with a relaxed feeling that lasted all day.


 When I got back to my house, I completed this upper/lower body combo before jumping in the shower. I cut this routine in half and only did 20 reps of each exercise since I was pretty worn out from my run.

Upper and Lower Body Workout

Brian and I spent the rest of the day on a cleaning frenzy. I downloaded four podcasts onto my iPod to listen to as I cleaned. I really enjoyed the Another Mother Runner podcast. I’ve never listed to it before and I downloaded an old episode that was an interview with Kara Goucher before the 2013 Boston Marathon. Goucher talked about her training, family life and running during her pregnancy, all of which I found very interesting. She also just seemed really cool and down to earth.

Anyway, we seriously scrubbed the house and it now looks better than it has in a while. Brian and I pinky promised each other we would be better at putting things away and keeping the house neat on a daily basis. Here are two newly cleaned rooms:



Ignore Brian’s backpack and Oscar’s food dish. Other than that, the family room is clean. As a reward for our hard work, Brian and I decided to treat ourselves to some froyo after dinner.


Clearly, we have no concept of portion control. Also, in case your wondering, my froyo is on the left. It’s strawberry and triple chocolate frozen yogurt mixed together with chocolate covered pretzels and crushed Reese’s cups as toppings. Yum! What a great way to end a Saturday 🙂 .

What did you do yesterday? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this weekend?

The best thing I ate this weekend was definitely that froyo!


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