Yesterday was sort of a weird day food wise. I ate more snacks than actual meals. While the food I did eat was pretty healthy, looking at all my pictures I realize it looks like I ate hardly anything and for a girl that’s always hungry that is highly unusual. I had a pretty busy day at work full of meetings, interviews and even serving as a guest on a podcast so I think the day just got away from me. That said, here’s what I ate Tuesday.


Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax cereal paired with a hazelnut coffee with one sugar and almond milk. I’ve written before about my love for Kashi cereal because it does a great job of keeping me full. It also has a decent serving of protein as well, which I consider to be an added bonus.

When I got to work, I unpacked my bag, plugged in my laptop and made myself my second cup of coffee of the day. I then tackled some emails, tweeted via the company’s Twitter account and started making an outline for a webinar I’m hosting in August. I ate a snack around 9:30 before heading into my 10:00 meeting.


I’m sure you recognize this snack because it’s my latest obsession: brown sugar oatmeal, raisins and chia seeds. Enough said. On a side note, my keyboard at work is disgusting. I try to clean it all the time with lysol wipes, but it never looks any better than that. Ick!

At noon I ate leftovers from Monday night’s dinner. It was baked pasta. Brian always makes a large dish of it so we can take it to work throughout the week. It’s just as good on reheat as it is fresh.


Around three, I ate my second snack of the day, greek yogurt sprinkled with granola. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. After work I stopped at the library and then headed home to eat chicken wings. They were delicious! Brian didn’t use any kind of sauce this time. He just seasoned the wings lightly with a little salt and pepper.


Oscar tried desperately to get at these wings, but I kept it him at bay. It’s funny how the second I have food in front of me, Oscar is all about snuggling lol. Here’s the little lap cat refusing to leave me alone.


My day ended with a 4 mile run at a local park and this upper body workout.


What’s the healthiest meal you ate yesterday?


6 thoughts on “WIAW #4

  1. I also did a WIAW post, but it was about Monday:) As for yesterday, all my meals were pretty healthy but I tried a new recipe for dinner….spaghetti squash baked that had chicken, pesto, mushrooms, and onions, with a salad on the side. It was good but kind of too much work for a weeknight in my opinion:)

  2. Yesterday was snack-filled for me as well. I was STARVING at night, though, so I’ve learned my lesson in that I need more substantial meals rather than a million snacks haha. Those chicken wings look great! My cat, Kiki, is weird in that she literally will only eat her cat food. We’ll put salmon or steak in front of her and she’ll sniff it, then walk away to eat some canned wet food. What a weirdo!

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