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Competition is My Best Motivator….Or New Running Clothes

I learned a little something about myself during yesterday’s run. I like competition. It’s a powerful motivator for me.

Last night, I was about halfway through my run and it was so hot I really thought I had nothing left. Then, out of nowhere, this guy came running up alongside me. We ran side-by-side for a while, but he eventually pulled ahead. I may have felt like dying, but once I saw that guy pass me all I wanted to do was beat him. In my mind, “beating him” meant outpacing him for the last mile of my run. That man must have thought I was crazy. The first half mile I was never more than two or three strides behind him. The second half mile I pulled ahead and finished before him.

Of course this wasn’t exactly a fair race because the man didn’t actually know we were competing, but I still felt good. It’s funny how I thought I was spent, but then the second I had a little competition I ran the best mile of my workout. Here I am waiting for my sister to finish while I stretch on a park bench.


My other favorite motivator is a new running outfit and I just happened to have one of those too. On my lunch break I ran to TJ Maxx and picked up two pairs of shorts, two tanks and running socks for $47. Not too bad!


I really love the purple shirt. it has the cutest lace detail at the top, which I tried to capture in this close up.


I wore one of my new outfits on my run last night and couldn’t resist taking a selfie before I left.


Ignore the mess of clothes in the background. I just got my dryer fixed yesterday so we can finally start tackling laundry again! I don’t usually have baskets/mounds of clothes lying around. Brian and I are trying this new thing where we keep the house clean….so far so good…with the exception of those clothes.

Anyway, back to my workout. After my run I did this quick lower body workout, hopped in the shower and called it a night.


Would you consider yourself a competitive person? How does that impact your running?



5 thoughts on “Competition is My Best Motivator….Or New Running Clothes

  1. Competition is a great motivator for me as well! Especially when it came to fun sports like soccer. And YES to cute workout clothes! Love the lace detailing and you look fabulous, as always 🙂

  2. Hahah I love this, I’m the same way, especially in races. I’m really secretly competitive about a lot of things, like giving blood too. I’m a huge nerd.

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