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Rain, Rain Go Away….

The weather was nasty yesterday. It rained and thundered for most of the morning. Round two of the storm came through last night and drowned any hopes of an outdoor run so I put in a little over 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym.


I ran at a 6.0 speed for 30 minutes. Whenever I use the treadmill I have to remember to push myself. 6.0 is my safe pace so I have a habit of staying there. I need to remember to up my speed once in a while or throw in a few intervals so I get a better workout. Even though I didn’t do that last night, I was still happy with my efforts and my run was a good one.

When I left the gym, the weather had cleared and I saw this:


 Pretty neat, right?

While we’re on the subject of running, I’m trying a new method of training. I’m running by time rather than distance. I want to focus on building endurance while getting a feel for my pace without relying so much on my Nike app. Once I get another race on my calendar or I shift my goals to focus on speed, I’ll switch things up. For now, I’m happy training mostly by time.

On another note, I designed two new workouts over the weekend that I want to share with you.

Upper body workout.jpg

Lower Body Toner.jpg

 If you try either of them, let me know what you think! Have a great Tuesday. I will see you tomorrow for another WIAW post.


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