Meal planning has gone out the window this week since Brian and I haven’t really gone grocery shopping yet. We bought the basics: bread, cereal and milk, but not too much else. Brian is probably going today to buy “real food.” Needless to say, balanced, healthy eating is not really happening right now.

Breakfast yesterday started out like it usually does with a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee with skim milk.


I’m trying to use less sugar so I’m not putting any sweeteners into my coffee these days.

I was running late yesterday morning so after finishing breakfast I quickly dried my hair, got dressed, threw lunch together and ran out the door. When I got to work I made coffee #2 and spent a few minutes going through emails and tweeting from my publication’s account.


Like my fancy paper cup? I like to keep it classy 😉 .

After my 10:00 am meeting, I dug into a cup of oatmeal and part of Kashi trail mix bar that I forgot to take a picture of. After a quick interview and half hour of transcribing it was time for lunch.


I had an old favorite, peanut butter on a toasted honey wheat english muffin. The peanut butter was melty, warm and perfect.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing. When I got hungry again, I snacked on a few handfuls of these new-to-me Kashi crackers.


I picked them up at Target last week to keep in my desk. They’re pretty good, a little crunchier than I expected, but I love the sea salt they’re seasoned with.

I’m also making an effort to drink more water so I made sure to fill up my bottle plenty of times.


Brian and I headed to his parents house for dinner. His aunt and uncle are visiting from Canada so we stopped by for burgers, corn on the cob, chorizo and watermelon. I love the burgers Brian’s parents make because they stuff them with onions, peppers and garlic. Delicious!


On the way home, I was craving something sweet and somehow Brian and I got on the subject of Oreos, which led us to stopping at the McDonald’s drive through so I could get a small Oreo McFlurry.


I’d forgotten how much I love those things! Aaaaaaaand there goes my plan to cut my sugars.

Oh well, I truly believe balance is key and as long as I don’t eat this way everyday, I’m really not that concerned. I’ll just enjoy it 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “WIAW #4

  1. There is something awesome about peanut butter on a bagel. It melts so perfectly 🙂 I’m also trying to cut back on sugar and failing daily, so don’t feel bad. I think as long as I have junk food in the house, sugar is going to be consumed by me. I’ll see how today goes!

  2. Ya know, I think I’m always going to love cereal in the morning, especially for those super in a rush days.. I’m all about quick and easy, although it doesn’t do anything to fill me up haha

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