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A Healthy Start

I’ve been lazy lately. I haven’t been sticking to a consistent routine with anything. No meal planning and no regular workouts so I’ve decided I’m getting organized and starting over. I spent most of last night creating a workout schedule and putting together ideas for healthy meals. Here’s what I came up with for workouts:


I still plan to train by time rather than distance, which is reflected in this workout schedule. I’m open to changing it though, especially if I’m ready to increase my time before the end of the month. I’m also planning to split my workouts again with cardio in the mornings and strength training at night. My only hesitation with this plan is that I’m probably going to end up using the treadmill during the week since I’m sketched out about running in the dark and it’s usually pretty dark when I wake up. Any thoughts on this? I know a lot of you guys get in early runs outdoors. Any tips for staying safe? Am I just being paranoid?

I also put together some healthy meal ideas. My biggest obstacle is a lack of planning so I’m trying to make sure I have no excuses. I tackled healthy breakfast ideas first. My goal is to mix up what I eat instead of having the same thing everyday.

Breakfast Ideas.jpg

In order to make healthier eating a habit that sticks, I’ve decided to take it one meal at a time. I’ll focus on breakfast and then move on to cleaning up lunch and dinner. I figure if I start out slow, I’ll have a better chance of success.

I’m sure I’ll fall off the bandwagon a few times, but I’m determined to get my act together in August. Wish me luck!

Have a great Thursday everyone. I will see you tomorrow for My Friday Five.

Do you have any goals for the month?


6 thoughts on “A Healthy Start

  1. Awesome organization! That totally works for me too–I’ll start doing whatever until I just sit down and quickly write a plan out.
    This month’s goals were to do 8 pullups all the way down, and 25 pushups touching the ground. It was fun having that direction! I haven’t come up with August yet so thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I really want to start meal planning before I start school in a few weeks, because I know I won’t want to do anything but study and sleep once things start to get crazy lol. Your breakfast ideas sound awesome 🙂

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