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A Morning Burst of Energy

Oddly enough, I was wide awake yesterday morning when my alarm went off even though I had a late night on Sunday. One of our friends came over for dinner and we spent the the night hanging out, talking and drinking wine. I stayed up way too late and when I went to bed I couldn’t settle down and fall asleep. 5:00 am seemed to come in the blink of an eye, but surprisingly, when my alarm went off I jumped out of bed ready to head to the gym. I wasn’t in the mood to stick to running so I did a hodgepodge of cardio that looked like this:


I kept my workout pretty light. I had planned to do an upper body workout after work, but I ran out of time. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday so I had to get ready to meet my parents at an Italian restaurant called Dino’s.  Before we left, Brian and I decided we weren’t going to drink any alcohol. Usually I would have a glass of wine with dinner and he would have a beer, but as part of our efforts to clean up our diets in August, we are making drinking strictly a weekend activity. I also made an effort to choose a healthier meal opting for steak tips rather than a pasta dish. The tips were delicious, but the picture I took doesn’t look very appetizing so I’ll spare you.

After dinner we headed back to parent’s to give my dad his presents and eat some cake.



My mom picked up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I’ve never had a cake from DQ before, but every time I go there and I see the sign advertising the cakes, I always wonder what they taste like. Now I can tell you they taste like heaven. The cake my mom bought had Oreo on the top, vanilla ice cream in the middle and those little chocolate cookie crumble things in the center. Those are always the best part of ice cream cakes in my opinion.


I was pretty happy with myself for making decently healthy choices while eating out…with the exception of that cake….but who could say no to that?

Today is a rest day so I won’t be doing any cardio, but I do plan to get in a good upper body and core workout tonight. Also, on a somewhat random note, today’s is Oscar’s first trip to the vet. I’m leaving work a little early so I can go with Brian to bring him. I’m a little nervous about how Oscar is going to handle this and I really hope he doesn’t try to bolt at the vet’s office. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Do you have pets? How do they react to the vet?


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