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I love Pilates + Oscar Survived the Vet

I was inspired by Heather from Housewife Glamour’s post the other day and decided to return to one of my old favorite workouts, Pilates. In high school I absolutely loved Pilates and practically wore out my favorite Mari Windsor DVD, which I still have the btw. I considered breaking it out last night, but didn’t feel like doing a 20 minute video so I reached for another old favorite instead, 10 Minute Pilates Perfect Body.


The DVD has 10 minute segments focused on different parts of the body. You can choose to complete one segment like I did last night or the whole video for a total body 50 minute workout. I focused on my abs. Here is a full version of the DVD I found on YouTube. Abs happen to be the first 10 minute segment.

I love the lean, toned look that Pilates gives me. I feel strong without looking too bulky, if you know what I mean. Pilates and Barre style workouts also remind me of my years as a dancer because they involve the same type of tightly controlled repetitive movements that really make you feel the burn!

Last night I also put in an upper body workout to make up for Monday night’s skipped weight training. I did this workout in front of the TV, of course. We all know that’s my favorite way to do it 😉 .


Also….Big News! Oscar survived his vet appointment and he didn’t even try to run away! Brian and I are ridiculously proud of the little guy. He had us a scared  for  a minute because as soon as we took out his carrier he knew what was up and tried his best to get away from us. We finally corralled him into the cage though.


Oscar is not a happy cat in this picture. Fortunately, he was on his best behavior at the vet’s office. He tried to cling to the towel in his cage for dear life when the technician picked him up to weigh him, but other than that he was fine and the vet Dr. Patti was awesome. She was so friendly and really made Oscar feel at ease. He seemed to like her right away and that doesn’t happen often with him.

We found out Oscar is perfectly healthy. The vet was very happy with his examination. We just need to go back in three weeks for his second rabies shot. Oscar got the first one when he was still in the shelter.

After the vet appointment Oscar got his beloved Fancy Feast and he was one happy kitty. He spent the rest of the afternoon napping.


It’s crazy how much I love Oscar. We’ve only had him for about a year, but he is such a big part of our little family.

Alright, that’s it for me today. I will see you all tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I love Pilates + Oscar Survived the Vet

  1. I’ve actually never done pilates before! I hear such great things about it, though, so that definitely needs to change. Also, glad Oscar survived and was on his best behavior haha! My cat, Kiki, is hooorrrible with trips to the vet and is such a wimp with strangers.

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