According to Plan

I’m sticking to my August workout schedule, which means yesterday I ran for 30 minutes.


I’m still not worrying about distance and I’m really liking this approach. I’m building endurance without the pressure of feeling as if I need to run a certain amount of miles. Right now, it’s all about time spent on my feet 🙂 .

Ever since I wrote about Pilates yesterday I’ve been dying to do another workout so I’m thinking I’ll probably sneak in either a Pilates or Barre style video tonight. I even dug out my lighter weights since the 10 lbs dumbbells I typically use would be wayyyy to heavy for the type of workout I’m looking to do.

Anyone else have these ads popping up all over their Facebook?


The more I see these ads, the more I go to the Fabletics website. It’s a vicious cycle people, but so far I’ve been strong and held out. No purchases. I came close and put a few items in the virtual shopping cart, but thought better of it and deleted my potential purchases. I’m not a fan of the patterned pants in this ad, but some of the other workout clothes are so cute!

This outfit is a favorite.


I think that top would look adorable with leggings in the fall or a pair of jeans. It could easily go from the gym to running errands and I love cute, comfy, versatile clothes like that.

Have you tried Fabletics? What did you think?

What’s your favorite brand of workout gear?


3 thoughts on “According to Plan

  1. Hmmm I really like the idea of running for a set amount of time rather than distance. I feel like there’s a sort of pressure involved with always getting faster and able to go longer that takes away from the joy of running. Also, LOVE that outfit! So cute!

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