This Is Why I Can’t Do Things On a Work Night

Another short post coming at you today. Last night I went to a trivia night at Johnny D’s in Somerville with some friends and between that and Sunday night’s Luke Bryan concert I am fried. Remember back in elementary school when you’d ask your parents if you could do something and they’d say “no it’s a school night.” Well, I think the same goes for a work night, at least for me anyway. And in case your wondering, no I did not make it to the gym yesterday morning or this morning and I’m feeling cranky about it. I’ll have to go tonight.

Anyway, I have a few food and fitness related things I want to share. Yesterday I had my first Chipotle burrito bowl ever…oh my gosh amazing. Why have I not been eating these all along?


I feel like I’m being healthier when I don’t order the giant burrito wrap to go with my burrito, but who knows. That’s still a decent amount of food and I ate (inhaled) the whole thing on our way to Somerville.

I also want to share two new workouts I completed over the weekend. I’m still on my Pilates/Barre kick so both of the videos I completed are in that category. This first video is a lower body workout. The link is below the picture.



The second video is an ab/core workout.



Both videos are from the Fitness Blender YouTube account.

That’s it for me, I will see you all tomorrow!



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