Lets Talk About…Ankle Weights and Barre

Yesterday I bought these sexy bad boys.



I was looking for a way to bring my at-home Barre workouts to the next level so when I saw these at TJ Maxx, I made good use of a gift card and snagged them for only $5! I chose the 2.5 lb weights. They may not be very fashionable, but they did their job and left my legs, glutes and abs burnin’!


I expected my legs to be sore between all the plies, squats and kicks, but I was surprised at what a great ab workout I got using the weights. A lot of the moves in this video are similar to things you might do in a Pilates workout.


The toe touches were a killer with ankle weights on. You can click on the link to see a demonstration of the exercise.

I’ve been reading a lot about Barre and it seems people have mixed reviews. Some love it and some hate it. The biggest criticism I’ve seen is that the workout is great for increasing flexibility and “toning” muscles, but it’s not a very efficient way to burn fat and build muscle, which is necessary to promote weight loss.

You can read an article on that here.

I think that makes sense. Barre isn’t very high impact, but combined with healthy eating and cardio I do think you would see a change in your body. Even the at-home videos I do make muscles burn I didn’t even know I had!

You can read about 10 benefits of Barre here.

What do you guys think? Have you tried Barre? Do you like the idea of lighter weights with higher reps?

I do like using the lighter weights with higher reps during the Barre workouts. It makes my muscles feel worked in a different way  than when I use my heavier weights, but I could also see a time when those light weights might be too light if I continue with the same workouts.

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