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MIMM #3 A Wedding Filled Weekend

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic. As most of you know, Saturday was my cousin Erica’s wedding and it was a blast. She was an absolutely beautiful bride and her wedding day was perfect in every way. The weather was in the high 70’s and it was sunny all day, perfect for outdoor pictures.

My day began very early. As MOH, the bride and I went first to get our hair done and we met at the salon at 7:30 a.m. Here I am makeup free with my hair undone and ready to go.


I had a bag packed with extra hair products, a few different strapless bras, my wedding clutch and clothes for the after party after the reception. Erica gave each of her bridesmaids these adorable bags at the rehearsal dinner the night before.


Inside was a clutch, tumbler, our wedding day jewelry and lip gloss. I was really excited to receive the clutch as part of our gift because I wasn’t able to find one that I liked and thought I was going to have to go without. Here’s what Erica picked:


I thought it was perfect. All of the bridesmaids had white clutches and my cousin carried a blue one the exact color of our bridesmaid dresses.

Hair and makeup took hours. I really had no idea how long we would be at the salon, but it was a good time. All of us bridesmaids hung out and chatted as we all took turns in the chair. Here’s a picture of my finished look:


I wasn’t crazy about the little hanging piece and ended up bobby pinning it back before we did pictures at Erica’s parents’ house, but other than that I was happy with how everything turned out. Ignore my awkward face in this pic. I took it to show my mom the makeup and didn’t smile. Around 12:30 we finally left the salon and headed to my aunt and uncle’s for pictures. Here’s one I snapped while we dressed.


Everyone told me this day would fly by and they were right. Before long, we were hopping into the limo and heading to the chuch to watch Erica and Kevin tie the knot.


The wedding reception was held at Charter Oaks Country Club. Here are some pics from the night:




I can’t wait to see the professional photos when they come in!

After the reception, we headed back to Erica’s parents’ house for an after party. I think the night ended around midnight, but I’m not too sure. All in all it was a great night and I am so ridiculously happy for Erica and Kevin. They both deserve all the best!

(I’m linking up this MIMM post with Katie @ Healthy Diva Life )

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will see you tomorrow.


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