A Barre-Inspired Total Body Workout + Living On a Budget

Hi everyone. I hope your week is off to a great start!

I skipped my run yesterday so I could catch up on some much needed sleep from this weekend, but I still made time for some strength training after dinner.


I found this workout on Pinterest, but it originally came from the blog Shelbtown. I only completed each circuit once since my muscles were already on fire after the first round!

Speaking of dinner, I don’t know what I’m going to do when grilling season ends. I’m obsessed with vegetable skewers right now and there is really nothing like the taste of fresh grilled veggies. Just take a look at last night’s dinner. Absolute perfection.


I followed that up with a Weight Watcher’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream bar.

ice cream bar

Last night, I also worked on a personal budget. I had set one for myself a while ago, but since then both my income and bills have changed so I updated the Google spreadsheet I use to track everything. Brian and I are making a joint effort to try to save more money. We’re both savers by nature, but now we’re really working on putting all of our expenses on paper so we can see exactly where our money is going and how much we can put away.

To that end, one area where I would love to try save some money is grocery shopping. Right now, Brian and I split groceries 50/50, and we spend about between $65-$70 per a person every week (total $130 ish). I’d love to see that number come down.

Anyone have tips for grocery shopping on a budget?


5 thoughts on “A Barre-Inspired Total Body Workout + Living On a Budget

  1. I only buy what’s on sale…for example fruit, I also go without almond butter until it’s on sale. I don’t typically go with a set menu when I shop, I think generalized, like breakfast food, fruit, salad, and make it work with what’s on sale. Plus, meat from the meat counter (like chicken breasts) are SOOO much cheaper than the packaged ones.

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