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WIAW #5 + A New Circuit Workout

Yesterday was actually a pretty typical day of eats for me, which almost never happens for a WIAW post. My day started with a brand new (to me) Kashi cereal, Oat Flakes and Blueberry Clusters, and a Nantucket blend coffee with almond milk.



I had my second cup of coffee after arriving at the office around 7:45. With all that caffeine in my system, I made sure to drink plenty of water so I didn’t get too dehydrated.


Around 9:30 I had some maple brown sugar oatmeal before a 10:00 meeting. I mixed in some raisins, per usual, since that seems to be my latest food obsession.


I seriously can’t get enough raisins right now and even snacked on some right out of the bag.


The only downside to my love of raisins is how sticky my hands get after eating them. The sacrifices I make 😛 .

Lunch was a skinny bagel with chocolate coconut almond butter. I brought an apple as a side, but didn’t end up eating it.


Around 2:30 I ate a Kashi Trail Mix bar. I keep a box of them in my desk.


Dinner was another sandwich and an old favorite: an egg and cheese on a bagel. I had planned to eat the leftover chicken and vegetable skewers from last night, but an egg just sounded too good!


Clearly, I have a  carb problem. Then again, if you read this blog you probably already know that.

After digesting my dinner I went to the gym and did three miles on the treadmill followed by another barre inspired workout when I got home. This workout was performed with 2.5 lb ankle weights and boy did it burn!

Total Body Toner

Have a great Wednesday everyone. I will see you all tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “WIAW #5 + A New Circuit Workout

  1. I want all of what you had! I want some raisin oatmeal, some kashi cereal and some bagel sandwiches! Yum!

    This workout is awesome- only 12 minutes. I am a huge advocate of squeezing in whatever you can even if your schedule is so busy that there is no time to workout. Based on what I read today, you get in a good amount of activity 🙂

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