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A New Perspective On Health

You may have noticed my absence the past two days. I hadn’t planned to be away, but Brian’s mother had a pretty serious surgery on Wednesday to remove a benign brain tumor. There was a complication. Thankfully, everything looks like it will be alright, but recovery might take a little longer than expected. I don’t have a Friday Five post for you today, but I do have some thoughts I’d like to share about healthy living.


If there’s one thing the past two days have taught me, it’s how important and precious your health is. The human body is capable of amazing things. After everything Brian’s mother has been through she’s bouncing back pretty well. One of the reasons she’s held up so well is because she is healthy. So many times when I’ve thought of health I think of being fit or skinny or being able to run a certain amount of miles. Those things are “healthy,” but what really matters is taking care of yourself and making good choices that support your well being.

Your body works hard everyday and in times when you are sick or injured, it works double time to heal itself and get you back on your feet. Making healthy choices, eating the right way and taking care of yourself physically and mentally aides your body in this process. Nobody ever wants to believe that someday they might be sick, but the truth is you never know. Anything could happen. What I do know is if you’ve taken care of yourself and have made an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, your chances of recovery are that much better.

This experience has made me appreciate healthy living in a whole new way and has really driven home how important it is to put your health first. If you don’t have your health then you don’t have anything.

I realize this post is a tad serious for a Friday so thanks for sticking with me. Have a great weekend everyone and make some healthy choices!


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