Back to School Fitness Fashion

Alright, so I’m too old to actually be going back to school, but there’s still something about the season that makes me happy for new beginnings. It also makes me think about new clothes. I’m not exactly sure why since I went to catholic school and there was no back-to-school shopping spree for me. Unless you count picking out the color of my knee socks to go with my plaid skirt. In case you’re wondering, the choices were navy blue, green or white. I favored navy blue. Anyway, in honor of the back-to-school season I’m highlighting my favorite fall fitness pieces.

Fall Fitness Faves

I have to start with Reebok since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their products. They don’t pay me to say that. Trust me I wish they did. I’d give an arm and a leg to work with Reebok. (hint, hint…contact me). Anyway, I’m drooling over this Reebok Studio tank. It’d be great for a Barre class, yoga or even lounging around the house on the weekend.


Next up, another Reebok item…The Reebok  One Series Running Singlet. So cute! I’d pair this will my black spandex running shorts.


You may recognize this Fabletics Tempe sweatshirt from a previous post. I actually saw someone wearing this the other day and that only reconfirmed my need to have this in my fall wardrobe.


Along the same lines, I think this Aerie crew fit sweatshirt is adorable and totally comfy looking. Fun fact, I worked at American Eagle (the company that owns Aerie) for six years as a sales associate and denim expert while I did my undergrad and graduate studies. So yes, I’m a former Eagle and remain true to the brand.


Have you heard of Target’s new C9 collection? If you haven’t then check it out. I’m loving these patterned shorts.


I also have my eye on these Oiselle Mac Roga running shorts. I’m really liking the navy blue/pink color combo.


As fall turns into winter, it gets veryyyyyy cold in New England so I had to put these Brooks Essential running gloves on my list.

Brooks Essential Glove

So there you have it. My fall wish list is complete…for now

What  fall fitness items are you looking at?


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