4 Natural Stress Relievers

Let’s talk about stress. Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. We all work too hard, worry too much or have things in our lives that we can’t control, but we CAN control how we deal with them. I will be the first person to admit that I haven’t always been the best at dealing with stress and I used to really struggle with taking care of myself. You know, taking the time to just sit and relax, take a bath or just rest, but I’ve gotten better at it over time. I don’t feel guilty taking time for myself anymore.

When I unwind, I like to do so in a way that is healthy and promotes the type of wellness and healing my body needs when I’m asking a lot of it physically or mentally. Here some natural ways I deal with stress.


1. Take a bath: This has to be my favorite way to relax. I get a lot of tension headaches so taking a hot bath relaxes my muscles and helps to soothe the pain. A lot of tension headaches originate in the neck and in the base of your skull where the head and neck meet so I wet a facecloth with hot water and then drape it around my neck. Instant relief. If I can’t take a bath, I’ll massage my neck area to loosen the muscles and relieve tension. I do this all the time at work.

2. Herbal tea: Licorice, Kava, Passion flower, Chamomile and Lavender all promote relaxation. My favorite brand of herbal tea is Yogi organic tea. If you choose one of the above herbs you’ll be golden!

3. Meditation: Ok, so I’ve never actually meditated, but Brian does it pretty frequently. He practices Vipassana Meditation and he swears it has helped him reduce anxiety and promote mindfulness. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t gotten around to yet. I do love the concept.

4. Exercise: For me, this means a run. There is no better way to work out stress than to hit the pavement, but really, any form of physical activity will work. Even if exercising is the last thing I feel like doing I force myself to get up and go for a run. Once the endorphins kick in I feel 100% better.

These are some of my little secrets. What do you do to relieve stress?


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