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Best Fall Cocktails to Celebrate the Season

Hope you’re all having a fabulous long weekend!

Labor Day always seems to mark the beginning of fall for me. The season doesn’t really start until late September, but once August is gone I’m ready for changing leaves, crisp air, pumpkin flavored everything and sweaters.

I may be jumping the gun on this one, but I’m feeling festive and there’s nothing I love more than sipping on a fun, celebratory drink. Here are some of the fall inspired cocktails I’m drooling over as of late. I think an October party is in order ;).


Caramel Appletini


I love caramel apples in the fall and I treat myself to one every year when I go apple picking. Well, except for last year when we didn’t go because there was a ridiculously long line and we couldn’t find parking…so I guess every other year. That’s what we get for waiting until the last minute. This year, I plan to head to the orchard as soon as the apples are ready for pickin!

(FYI the link above each picture will take you to the source, which has the recipe!)

Pumpkin Old Fashioned


This is like the fall version of a drink you’d see on Mad Men (which Brian and I are obsessed with btw…any other fans out there?). Plus, it has pumpkin the flavor of the season as far as I’m concerned.

Cinnamon Toast


I think this one would make a great after dinner dessert drink, especially with the cinnamon around the rim.

Birch Leaf Cocktail


This one intrigues me. I’m not sure what it would actually taste like, but it sounds interesting. It’s basically bourbon, birch syrup and lemon juice.  Anyone ever heard of birch syrup before?…ya me neither.

Spiced Brandy Wine and Apricot-Cayenne Fizz


Who doesn’t love wine? Of all the drinks on this list, I think this is the drink I would most love to try and the one I doubt I could make as well on my own. If I give it a try, I will certainly let you all know!

As I’m sure you can tell, this post isn’t really “healthy,” but to me, healthy living means indulging once in a while and that’s exactly what this represents. Plus, (don’t judge me for saying this 😉 ) I’d rather indulge in a good drink than a piece of dessert any day!

Have a great labor day everyone. I will see you all tomorrow?

If you had to choose, would you rather drinks or dessert?


One thought on “Best Fall Cocktails to Celebrate the Season

  1. I can never choose between drinks or dessert- usually I choose both! But I’m not really a fan of mixed drinks/liquor so if I had to choose between one of those or dessert I would go with dessert. But make me choose between wine or dessert and that would be much more difficult!

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