My Friday 5

My Friday Five 9/5

Happy Friday! Anyone have exciting plans this weekend? I’m going to a cookout tonight and a baby shower on Saturday. Busy, busy weekend just the way I like it.

Speaking of things I like, it’s time for My Friday Five. Here are my five favorite things this week.


Pastel Nail Polish (Green and Blue)


essie-don't rock the boat

You guys already know I have an addiction to nail polish, but lately I have been going for pastel colors so outside the pink/red family that I don’t even know who I am anymore! Jk, but seriously I can’t get enough. The green color is RevlonΒ Eclectic. The blue is Essie Rock the Boat.

Green Juice


This is no surprise to anyone who read yesterday’s post. I’d love to grab another one of these juices, but they are freakin expensive! I used a Starbucks gift card to purchase the one in this picture. I need to bite the bullet and just start making my own. Any recommendations on a recipe?

Fall Purchases


Last weekend I cleaned out my closet to make room for some much needed fall clothes. As you may remember, I’m on a tight budget right now so I’m doing my best to mix and match older and newer pieces and to buy clothes that can be worn multiple ways. I made the purchases you see here this week. The jeggings are from American Eagle. The two sweaters are from Old Navy (unfortunately I can’t seem to find them online for you) and the plaid shirt is from TJ Maxx. I bought everything on sale πŸ™‚ .

Im picturing each of these outfits paired with jeggings/leggings and boots. I’m on the hunt for black riding style boots. Ideally, I’d love one black pair and one brown, but that most definitely is not in the budget right now.

Skinny Cocktails with Fresh Ingredients


This is an old picture from that time Brian made me a margarita with freshly squeezed limes. It was amazing….anyway, I’ve become fascinated with the idea of creating skinny cocktails using fresh ingredients and have been researching ideas on Google and Pinterest. Basically, I’m over drink mixes with tons of sugar (heartburn city!) and looking for a way to “healthify” my cocktails….as much as that is actually possible lol.

That’s gonna do it for today! Have a great weekend all!


4 thoughts on “My Friday Five 9/5

  1. I love your nail color! I always love how greens and blues look but then i get too nervous to try it!
    As for green juice, I usually make more of a smoothie so I always start with a frozen banana and/or some frozen berries. Then I include greens (usually spinach and kale) and then depending on how I feel I might add nut butter, yogurt, ginger, other fruit, milk or orange juice. You could also just use cold water but I find that it tastes a little too plain.

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