10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

The more I read about coconut oil, the more I’m convinced it’s the best thing on the planet. I first discovered it a few months ago while searching for a healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe. And by healthy I mean it didn’t call for an excessive amount of sugar, butter, shortening, etc. The recipe I found called for coconut oil. Here’s the brand I ended up using.




I was just a liiiittle sketched out by coconut oil at first. The consistency is kind of gross and it feels really, really greasy on your hands, but believe me this stuff is amazing. It’s said to ward off viruses and also act as an antibacterial agent. Plus, coconut oil doubles as a beauty product that can improve the looks of your skin and hair. Pretty neat! 

Read on for 10 ways to use this magical substance:

1. As a substitute for vegetable or canola oil

2. As an all natural moisturizer

3. As a leave-in conditioner

4. Mixed with salt as a DIY body scrub

5. Add it to a smoothie (regular ingestion is said to help relieve allergy symptoms)

6. Add it to a bath for a relaxing soak

7. As an eye makeup remover 

8. Melt it down and add to coffee for flavor

9. DIY salad dressing with coconut oil as the base

10. To relieve itching

Any other ideas? 






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