My Friday 5

My Friday Five 9/12


TGIF! Anyone have plans for tonight? How about tomorrow? I have absolutely nothing on the agenda this weekend and I’m kiiiind of loving it.

Ya know what else I’m loving this week……

Monogram Lite


This iPhone app allows you you to create free, customized monogrammed wallpaper for your phone. There are tons of designs, colors and patterns to choose from and I killed about 20 minutes playing around with this the other day. It’s addicting!

A Beautiful Mess


Listen up Pinterest addicts, this blog is for you. A Beautiful Mess is run by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman and is filled with DIY home projects, crafts, recipes, style and business and blogging tips. Seriously, check it out. You will be there ALL DAY. The site is amazing and I have already put the sisters’ new book on my Christmas wishlist.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pumpkin-Pie- Spice

This is my dirty little secret for fall. I will never buy a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Way too much syrup, sugar and fake crap. So, I use this in my coffee instead. You can either mix it right into the coffee grounds before you make your coffee or, if you use a Keurig like I do you add the spice directly to your coffee with a little bit of almond milk. I’ve looked up recipes to make my own latte, but it’s a little too time consuming for a work week morning so I haven’t tried it yet.


 I’m still in love with my midi’s and rocked the rose gold ones yesterday. No picture of that, sorry.

Choosing love over fear : This post by Annie Lawless of the blog Blawndie, (also co-founder of Suja) was a wake up call. If there is one thing I truly hope for my future it’s that I make choices out of love not fear. Read it!

Have a great weekend friends! xoxoxo


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