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6 Paleo-Friendly Snacks

I’ve been reading more and about the Paleo lifestyle and one of the things I love is that “eating Paleo” doesn’t have to be hard or boring. In fact, there are a lot of snacks out there that are Paleo-friendly that don’t sacrifice flavor or convenience. I started brainstorming some easy snack ideas last night and after searching Google and Pinterest I found a ton! Here are six of my favorites:

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds


Tis the season, after all. Any excuse to eat all things pumpkin is fine by me.

Crispy Plantain Fries


Don’t these look amazing? I found this picture and recipe on Pinterest, but it originally came from Britney Angell’s website. Check it out for the details on how to make this drool worthy side dish.

Gucamole Stuffed Tomatoes


Another delicious looking Pinterest find from the blog Oh Cake.

Frozen Grapes



It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Apple Slices with Cinnamon

apple slices with cinnamon



Dark Chocolate



Ok so this one is sort of cheating becasue dark chocolate isn’t technically completely Paleo, but who cares. I say it’s close enough. Besides, to me the point of living a Paleo lifestyle is not to adhere to a strict diet, but to have a framework through which I make most of my food choices. My goal is to eat as naturally and as clean as possible without completely losing my mind over it. Everything in moderation.


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