Workout Wednesday (or Thursday): Upper Body Style

Workout Wednesday

NOTE: This was supposed to be published yesterday, but apparently I messed up the date so now we are having Workout Wednesday on Thursday…ooops.

I LOVE Workout Wednesday. It’s my chance to share some of my favorite exercises with you and this week has me especially excited because this routine was inspired by one of my favorite books, The Skinny Confidential, written by Lauryn Evarts. It’s based on her lifestyle blog of the same name.


I just finished Lauryn’s book and this routine is a slightly modified version of her workout. Really, all I did was make this a liiiiitle easier because I have zero upper body strength and the TSC version was just a tad harder. In case you’re wondering what the heck a flipsy-whipsy is, this pic is for you.

the skinny confidential

It’s taken straight from the TSC book, which I highly recommend you buy immediately.



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