5 DIY Projects for Your Home

I cannot get enough of DIY projects lately. A few months ago, I started redecorating my place ( I blogged about that here) and ever since then, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and other blogs for some easy decorating ideas. I’m particularly loving these five projects:

Wine Bottle Candle Holder


Lets be real. I drink enough wine that these would be a cinch to make. I also think they’d be cute Christmas gifts. I have a half-finished bottle of wine on my counter right now that I might experiment with whenever we finish it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

DIY Hand Painted Mugs


I think these are so cute. I’m not the most artistically inclined person so I like that this pattern is easy enough that even I could do it. You can also use a permanent marker instead of paint to draw on the mugs.  The pattern just won’t have that slightly raised look to it.

Sequence Vase


Easy and pretty. My kind of project!

Body Scrub


OK, so this isn’t a decoration, but I like the idea of making a homemade body scrub with all natural ingredients. This is another DIY project that would make a great gift.



I’m a sucker for decorative seasonal items and I love the white/gold color scheme.

Do you like DIY projects? Any easy ideas I can handle?


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