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Think Dirty App + Natural Beauty Products

natural beauty products


I read about the coolest app yesterday and I just had to share it with you guys. It’s called Think Dirty and it allows you to scan the barcode of your beauty products and see exactly what chemicals the products contain. The app provides a rating that measure carcinogens, developmental and reproductive toxicity and allergies.

think dirty

Even cooler? The app recommends alternative products that are healthier/safer/less toxic than the ones you may already have in your cabinet. The app currently has a database of 68,300 products.

If the idea of chemicals in your beauty products skeeves you out, here are some natural alternatives.


1. Grapeseed oil as eye makeup remover

2. Brown sugar mixed with coconut oil as a homemade body scrub

3. Cucumbers or tea bags to soothe puffy eyes

4. Lemon as a skin toner to lighten dark skin spots

5. Olive oil as a moisturizing soak for nails and cuticles

6. Avocado and honey as a face mask

7. Tea tree oil to treat acne

Have a great day everyone! I will see you tomorrow with My Friday Five!



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