My Friday 5

My Friday Five 10/24

I love Friday’s, especially when I have plans I’ve been looking forward to for weeks! Brian and I are going to a Halloween party tonight dressed as a surgeon and her patient. Brian’s sister is a nurse at a nearby hospital so she swiped me some surgical scrubs and a mask. Brian is wearing a johnny. I’m just happy it’s not me 😉

Some other things that made me happy this week….

DIY Floating Vase

DIY floating vase

I found this DIY project on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It’s an older post from 2010, but since I’m a new reader I’ve gone back to look a lot of earlier posts. I love flowers, but I can’t keep any in the house without Oscar turning them into a snack or a toy. This floating vase is the perfect way to avoid tempting my playful cat. It also seems really easy, which is good because I’m not the handiest person.

Francis Coppola Merlot Diamond Collection

Coppola wine

This is my favorite wine. I’ve been enjoying a glass every night this week and it’s been such a nice way to relax at the end of the day.

How to Create a Blogging Media Kit 


Katy Widrick’s guest post on Peanut Butter Fingers about what to include in a media kit was really helpful. I’d encourage every new blogger to check it out for a run down on the basics.

Chunky Bib Necklace

bib necklace

I’ve been searching for the perfect chunky necklace to dress up my sweaters. I think this Forever 21 bib necklace would look adorable over a crew neck sweater or give a girly touch to my flannel shirts.

Who Is Your Disney Spirit Animal?


As a huge Disney fan I just had to take the Disney animal spirit quiz when it popped up in my Facebook feed. I got Mushu the dragon from Mulan…not sure I agree with that, but ok.

Alright, that’s it for My Friday Five. Have a great weekend everyone. I will see you Monday!


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