Little Pleasures: Weekend Edition

This weekend was one of those perfect relaxing weekends that you wish you could replicate again and again. My days involved just the right amount of productivity and relaxation. Reflecting back on this weekend, I realized most of the things that made me so happy were just little things. That’s why I’ve decided to call this post little pleasures. I think it’s usually the little details that make me happiest.

Friday: Halloween party at a mutual friend’s house

halloween costumes

I love Halloween and these simple costumes were the easiest I’ve ever worn and made the night that much more enjoyable. I typically go a little more high maintenance with my Halloween look, but I enjoyed this more laid back alternative. Oh, and don’t worry…that’s beer in the urinal Brian is carrying 😉 .



Our friend’s house was completely decked out for the holiday. She collects vintage decor from the 50s and 60s so in addition to the Stephen King books and Michael Meyers mask there were vintage pumpkins, witches and ghost decorations. It was neat to see the different iterations throughout the decades and the whole vintage feel just elevated the ambience of the party making it even spooker.

Saturday: Practicing my hair skills

wavy hair

I actually had time on sat to practice making waves with my straightener. My hairdresser showed me how to do this during my last visit, but I’m the most inept person at hair ever so it never looks right when I do it. I’m getting closer though!

Sunday: So many things!

fall run

Because it’s so dark now when I wake up and when I get home at night, I never get to run outside anymore unless it’s the weekend. I know other runners are perfectly comfortable hitting the road before the sun comes up, but the idea just freaks me out so I look forward to my Saturday and Sunday runs that much more. Nothing beats the feeling of a brisk fall run outdoors.

fall candle

I was all about lighting my fall candles this weekend and this apple cider one is my favorite now! In just a few minutes the delicious smell was wafting throughout my kitchen.

chicken carbonara

Brian’s homemade chicken carbonara was the perfect hearty lunch to combat a chilly fall weekend.


A glass of red wine while I paint my nails. Perfection! In case you’re wondering, the color I chose is Revlon’s Vixen.

These are all my little weekend pleasures. Have a great Monday and I will see you tomorrow!


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