Winter Coats: 4 Options for Cold Weather Style

We went from light sweater weather to snow overnight in New England this weekend. It was a not so friendly reminder of much colder weather to come. Besides the below freezing temperatures, one of the things I hate most about winter here is that it sometimes feels impossible to look put together while you’re bundling up against the bitter cold. I think the key to solving this problem is to invest in a few different types of coats that are both stylish and functional.

everyday jacket

To get through the winter, you need an everyday jacket. Something that is nice enough to wear to work, but wouldn’t look too formal for a casual date night. I like this button down coat from Forever 21. The gray color is versatile and paired with a sweater it looks warm enough to get you through even the coldest of months. I also like that this jacket is fitted because it gives it a more polished look.

Northface jacket You also need a jacket for blizzard weather, especially if you live on the East Coast. While you’re shoveling your driveway or trudging through a few feet of snow to get to your car, a “cute” jacket isn’t going to cut it. This option from North Face is waterproof and can hold it’s own in snow or rain. It also has a nice fur hood to protect your ears from that awful winter wind. I have pink Coach snow boots I wear when I shovel and I can definitely see them paired with this all weather jacket.


You can’t go wrong with a peacoat of any kind and I’m loving this plaid version in black and white from Forever 21. I have a solid purple peacoat that I break out all the time once it gets a little colder.

rain coat

I’m in desperate need of new rain coat. I’ve had the same light blue one for years and it looks a tad juvenile now. Thank you Brian for reminding me of that everytime I throw it on 😉 . I love this Michael Kors jacket from Nordstrom, but it’s a little out of the price range I’m willing to pay for something like this. I need to find a nice inexpensive version.

For the sake of your poor wallet, I wouldn’t recommend going out to buy these different coats all at once, but it’s nice to gradually build on your collection. I have jackets in most of these categories that I’ve garnered over the years. Some I bought. Others were presents.

Good luck and happy shopping!


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