3 Style Books to Satisfy Your Inner Fashionista

I’ve always been interested in fashion. When I was little, my mom used to call me her “fashion critic” because I loved to help pick out her outfits and I always had an opinion about everything. I was equally as thrilled to rummage through her jewelry box or shoe collection to carefully select the right accessories. Whether or not she actually wore anything I picked out I can’t remember, but I do know that I enjoyed the process.

As I got older I discovered fashion magazines, blogs and books and instead of seeking inspiration in my mother’s closet, I turned elsewhere. I now collect fashion and style books. I have several on my coffee table and bureau and I’ve read them all cover to cover. Here are three of my favorites:

The Fashion File


The Fashion File is written by Janie Bryant, the genius costume designer for Mad Men. What I love about this book is that it’s not your typical style read. Bryant begins by explaining her motivation behind dressing the main characters of Mad Men and reveals how her inspiration boards and color palettes reflect the personalities of each character. The book then offers style tips and focuses on what to look for in vintage clothing from various decades.

Classic Hollywood Style

Classic Hollywood Style covers major fashion moments throughout film history. It’s full of gorgeous photos and provides plenty of background on the hollywood stylists who created these classic looks. This book is a thick one and definitely of the coffee table variety, but it’s also a must read for movie buffs and fashionistas alike.

Style for A to Zoe

Style A to Zoe is written by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. I’ve always liked her work and I used to watch her Bravo reality show as a guilty pleasure. This book is your typical style guide, but with Rachel’s trademark flare. In addition to offering fashion tips, she also includes mini interviews with designers.

Anything I should add?


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