My Friday 5

My Friday Five 11/14

We’re expecting snow today in New England. I’m hoping we only get a dusting at home, but I’m headed to Brian’s parents for dinner tonight and as of now, the news is predicting two inches there. Not bad, but I really could hold off on snow until December. I’m just not ready yet! I am ready for the weekend though and I’m kicking it off with this week’s Friday Five.

Forever21 Dress

I finally bought this Forever21 dress I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks now. I got it for $12.99. You can’t really beat that! Here’s a selfie I took in the fitting room.


I haven’t worn it out yet, but I’m thinking it would make a great Thanksgiving outfit.

Peter Pan

This Buzzfeed article “16 Walt Disney Quotes To Help Guide You Through Life.” Words of wisdom my friends.


A Michelob Ultra, my computer and some blogs…the perfect way to end the day. I’m also apparently a poet….

Blog Inc.

I downloaded Blog Inc. onto my iPad after hearing about it through The Skinny Confidential. Blog Inc. is written by Joy Cho of the successful design and lifestyle blog Oh Joy. I’ve been reading it before bed every night. The book is full of great blogging tips and includes Q&A’s with other successful bloggers. It’s a fast and interesting read.


This article from The Every Girl’s 30 Day Challenge where readers offer tips on how to revamp your wardrobe using pieces you already have.

Have a great weekend everyone! I will see you Monday.






5 thoughts on “My Friday Five 11/14

  1. Love that dress you got! Forever 21 is a goldmine for really cute and reeealllly cheap clothes! Loveeee it :). And I agree- Thanksgiving would be a perfect time to wear it! Maybe over tights with riding boots?

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