Portion Control: We’re Going Back to Basics

Portion control is my favorite not-so-secret weapon for weight management. I don’t count calories. Been there, done that. It’s time consuming and soul sucking at best. We all know choosing healthy foods is the best thing for us. It’s pretty much the cornerstone of healthy living, but we also know we’re not perfect and we’re going to eat things we shouldn’t. I think that’s OK as long as you keep portion control in mind.

This is where I remind you that I’m not a doctor and I don’t have a health certification of any kind (hopefully one day, but not right now). So, basically I’m not an expert and all I can tell you is what works for me. And what I do know is that I don’t feel the pressure to count calories when I’m keeping my portions in check.

So what does that mean? Well, I did find this handy little graphic that does a pretty good job illustrating my point.

Serving Size

via UrbanInSuburbia

I prefer to use portion control-sized plates and bowls when I’m eating. It’s easy to forget how small of a serving you really need to feel full when you have a monstrous plate in front of you that’s just begging to be heaped with food. For example, here is the bowl I eat out of in the morning next to my boyfriend’s.


Mine is on the right. I fill it with cereal or oatmeal and eat out of that instead of our larger bowls. I would bet I eat about half the calories I would if I ate out of the other one.

small bowls

Here’s a better look at my bowls. The red one is mainly for cereal. The white one I use for rice or frozen yogurt. I got them both at Marshalls for under $5 each. Once you know what one serving size looks like, it’s easy to find dinnerware that supports your weight manage goals.


There are even portion controlled wine glasses on the market and if you’re anything like me then these might be a genius invention.

Basically, my point here is that if you pay attention to portions than you don’t need to worry about indulging in a treat here and there. One cookie is not going to make you fat, but half the pack will.

Do you count calories?


5 thoughts on “Portion Control: We’re Going Back to Basics

  1. I have lost 9 pounds using portion control as of today, I eat what I normally would, I don’t eat much bread, pasta, soda anyways, but I also use smaller bowls and plates,I limit my sweets although I do still eat them in smaller portions, I drink a lot of water with flavor pasks,
    I also walk a bit, and do basic house cleaning,
    I have tried every diet and with some I did loss some but it seemed to alway fall off fast and come back just as fast
    I am losing slower than before, but I can deal with and continue to eat this way so I won’t gain it back, with most diets you don’t continue the eating habit. So you gain it back plus some.

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