I Mustache You Some Questions

Today’s post is a little different than usual. Lisa from Running Out of Wine tagged me in a fun blog survey. I’ve seen this particular one popping up all over the blogosphere so I’m psyched to get my turn. Here we go!

Blog Survey

Four Names That People Call Me (Other than my real name):

Chrissy, Chrissy Poo (not a huge fan of this one lol), Twinnie, Alicia (my twin sister’s name)

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

Sales associate at American Eagle, Manager at The Limited, Contributing writer at a local newspaper

Editor for an online publication

Four Movies I Have Watched More Than Once:

Titanic (super embarrassing..I know), All of the Harry Potter movies, Midnight in Paris, The Notebook

Four Books I’d Recommend:

Sharp Objects, All The Presidents Men, Harry Potter series, Rebecca

Four Places I’ve Lived:

This one’s easy. I’ve lived in the same Massachusetts town my whole life, but in different houses.

Four Places I Have Been:

Aruba, Germany, France, Ireland

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

on the beach in Aruba, at a bar, on a trail run, in my warm, comfy bed

Four Things I Don’t Eat:

Ketchup, Mustard, Olives, Mayonnaise

Four Of My Favorite Foods:

Steak, Chocolate, Peanut butter, Potatoes

Four TV Shows That I Watch(ed):

The Walking Dead, Law and Order, Mad Men, Girls

Four Things I Am Looking Forward To This Year:

The holidays, My two year anniversary (with Brian of course), the possibility of new career opportunities, signing up for a new race.

Four Things I’m Always Saying:

Sounds good, I’m obsessed, I didn’t mean to (I’m very clumsy), Are you serious?

Since I can’t think of four people who haven’t already done this I’m just going to ask everyone to pick a question and play along in the comments.

See you tomorrow for My Friday Five!


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