My Friday 5

My Friday Five 11/21

This week flew by. Work was busy, but satisfying and now that the end of the week is here I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. Tomorrow I’m headed into Boston for a 10 year anniversary party and Sunday I plan on catching up on household chores that got away from me this week.

What are your plans?

If you’re new around here, Friday is the day I highlight some of my favorite things from the week and invite you to play along in the comments and share some of your favorite things too. Lets get started!

The Newsroom

I am completely OBSESSED with the Newsroom. I’ve been meaning to watch the show since it started and finally got around to it this week. I’m bummed it’s ending this year after only three seasons. It’s so good! The show makes me miss journalism school and my newsroom internships. Love, love, love.

travel mug

I want this adorable coffee mug from I’ve gone so far as to add it to my online shopping cart, but I haven’t convinced myself to buy it yet.


This article from Her Agenda on overcoming the “she’s too young” perception. I get this all the time. Even though I’m 27, I look young and I’m pretty small so I always feel like I need to work twice as hard to get people to make me seriously. I think if you’re good at your job and you’re young you should just own it.


My homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. I ate one every night this week as dessert. To. Die. For.

stop waiting quote

I saw this quote on Annie Lawless’ blog Blawnde and I immediately pinned it. I am so guilty of waiting until “the right moment” to make changes or to go after something I really want and believe in. This quote reminds me that there is no “right time” for anything. If you want something you should go after it now.

That’s it for My Friday Five. Have a great weekend. I will see you all Monday!


4 thoughts on “My Friday Five 11/21

  1. Love the ‘her agenda’ piece – and as a middle aged guy I have mentored several young women and helped them deal with this issue. I had to deal with as young engineer and think women (at least in tech fields) have it worse – especially if they dare be stylish. It is hard to get past that some people simply won’t take a young woman seriously … it is depressing, but it is getting better.

  2. I know what you mean about looking you and feeling like you need to work extra hard to get noticed. People never think I look like Im 31 but when I say that Ive been a therapist for almost 7 years they try to do the math and realize I must be older than I look.

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