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Holiday Gift Guide Series + My Little Shopping Trick

One of the hardest things about the holiday season is the pressure of buying gifts. Don’t get me wrong. I love the end result, but Christmas shopping can be downright stressful. I hate leaving my shopping to the last minute. Being a procrastinator means more stress and higher prices since a lot of stores have promotional sales early in the season. Plus, I worked enough holidays in retail during college to know that absolutely everything good is sold out long before Christmas.

I typically buy gifts for my two sisters, my parents, Brian,  his parents and his sister and brother-in-law. Whenever I’m “stuck” on gift ideas (which happens a lot) I try to pick a theme and choose a few items that fit. I thought it would be fun to put together a few themed gift guides to share. Who knows, they might spark some ideas of your own.

Gifts for Bookworms

Gifts for Book Lovers

This guide was inspired by my twin sister who’s an English teacher and a book lover. If you happen to have a friend or family member like her then I think these gifts will go over well.

1). Book locket via Etsy

2). Well Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines-– a coffee table book for the literary crowd

3). Reading is Sexy mug via Cafe Press

4). Barnes and Noble gift card

Gifts for Fashionistas

Gifts for fashionistas

1. iPhone case via Charming Charlie

2. Scarf via Forever 21

3. Statement necklace via Francesca’s

4. Travel makeup case via Ulta

Happy shopping!


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