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Thinking Out Loud: Running Edition


It’s official. I’ve been bitten by the race bug again. Last night I scoured Running In the USA for spring races in Massachusetts. I bookmarked a few, but I want to check the dates against my work travel schedule before booking anything. I also haven’t decided if I want to squeeze in another 5K before training for a 10K. The races I bookmarked feature both distances.


I know a lot of you guys are more experienced than I am when it comes to running and training so I’ve also had a number of questions on my mind that I’m hoping you can help me out with.

1). How do you run in the dark? I guess “how” isn’t the right word, but I would love to get my butt outside for my morning runs, but once winter hits in New England and it gets dark I get freaked out! Aren’t you nervous out there alone? Does it just take some getting used to? Am I being paranoid because I’m slightly worried I’ll be kidnapped or something lol. I wish I was kidding, but this is how my mind works.

2). Are the first two miles the hardest for everyone or just me? I seriously think I might die sometimes 1.5 miles in, but by the time mile 3 or 4 rolls around I’m flying high.

3). Your #1 tip for getting in a run when you’re feeling less than motivated?

4). What’s the best way to increase your speed? I know some people swear by track workouts, but I’ve never tried them. Thoughts?

Thanks friends! I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

I’m linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons for this post.


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Running Edition

  1. 1. Isn’t there some “public place” that’s already semi-crowded early in the morning?
    2. I always feel like I’m flying the first 2 miles, they always end up being my fastest…
    3. Make sure you have a route in mind from before, that way you can compartimentize. If you know from beforehand you’re not all that motivated, make sure you run away from your home the first half. This way you HAVE to return 🙂
    4. I should try track workouts once, until then… intervals do (like

  2. All totally legit questions!
    1) I could see it being scary depending on where you run. You could wear a headlamp and bring mace or something. I also always run with my phone. Or maybe find someone to run with you?
    2) Yes- but a really good warm up before running helps!
    3) Make a training plan and just do your absolute best to stick with it. Being able to look ahead and say- OK if I run today I get tomorrow off- may help!
    4) It depends on the distance you are training for. I think speed workouts (400s, 800s) are best for shorter distance races but for longer ones I like tempos. I also think fartleks are a good way to get some speed in without a track!
    Im excited for you and if you have any questions about training you can E-mail me and I’ll try to help!

  3. I’m not a fan of running alone at night, especially in a city, so I tend to stay indoors for my night runs. I agree 100% about the first miles being the worst, it’s so hard to get in the groove sometimes! Just stick it out I guess, that’s what I try to do 🙂 Same for number three. Also, I play with my speed a lot during my treadmill runs and I definitely think it helps! I’ll do pyramids where I start at one pace and increase 0.5 mph until I feel like it’s my sprint then go back down and repeat. Or I’ll do half a mile at a comfortable pace, then half at a faster and repeat. All kick your butt!

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