Christmas Break Has Officially Started

After what seemed like the longest day of work ever, I’m finally free for a few days. I plan to spend today sleeping in then putting in a good sweat session at the gym. My training plan calls for a 2.5 mile run. Then I want to do a little leg work.

Speaking of work, my office is being remodeled so I just found out my cube is moving. No more window seat for me. I’ll have to enjoy the natural light while I can.

Oh well, the remodel looks nice and my cube will be in closer proximity to the people I work with most frequently so at least it’ll be convenient.

Ok enough about work. So, how did I spend my first night of freedom yesterday? On the couch with a glass of wine and some blogging.


I recycled this photo since the photo I was going to take would have looked identical to this one, except instead of Law and Order SVU on the TV it was Sons of Anarchy. I’m undecided about that show. We just started it yesterday, but so far I’m not that into it. Anyone seen it? I’m only two episodes in, but the characters seem like pretty bad people to me. Maybe they’ll grow on me?

What are your favorite TV shows?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Break Has Officially Started

  1. I loved Revenge in the first season – definitely recommend it … but I lost it mid-way through the second season, and since my wife was already bored, that was it for us.

    We still watch Castle – it is a bit silly at this point but still fun πŸ™‚ Also always catch Grimm – ok, it is usually on Hulu we watch it! But mostly the same week. Been enjoying the new show Jane the Virgin, but not sure how long we will keep up with it … seems to be getting a bit over the top. And also watch Supernatural …

    We started on Selfie, but it got canceled … also just found out that Suburgatory got canceled as well. Oh well πŸ™‚

    1. I used to love Castle when it first started, but I stopped watching in the last few seasons. I still catch the reruns sometimes on TNT. I’ve never seen Grimm so that’s another show I’ll have to check out!

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