Happy Monday + Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty quiet. Nothing too exciting to report. I did some grocery shopping, some laundry, a little bit of cleaning and a whole lot of watching Sons of Anarchy. Oh–and I drank a little bit of red wine too 😉

red wine

As you all know, a few weeks ago I committed to training for a 10K. I want to use this post as a quick way to recap my workouts and talk about what was good and what could have been better.

M: Rest

T: 2.5 miles

Wed: Strength

Th: 35 min cross training + Yoga

F: 2.5 miles + Yoga

S: 35 min cross training + Yoga

Su: 4 miles + Yoga

The good: I started the 30 day yoga challenge, which means I’m finally incorporating some yoga into my workouts. This is a goal of mine for 2015. I’ve only completed four sessions so far, but I’m loving the way I feel afterwards. Calm, centered and happy.

My running has been consistent, I’ve been taking two rest days a week and my mileage is on track. I’ve done most of my running on a treadmill so I would like to move outside at some point it’s just been so darn cold!

What could have been better: My training plan only calls for one real rest day. The other one is supposed to be for stretching and strength. My legs seems to feel better with two complete rest days, but I’m a little worried about what that might mean for my training–if anything, I guess.

I also need to be better about stretching after I run. The yoga is helping with that, but it’s still a practice I need to be more consistent about. My calf muscles tend to get stiff by the end of the week so I’m thinking a little stretching might help.

This week: The next few days mark a turning point in my training. My mileage picks up and by next week I’ll be looking at a 5 mile run, which is more than I’ve done in a while. My first race (which I completed in 2014) was a 5K. I wasn’t worried about training since I regularly ran 3 miles. I mostly worked on my speed, but it’s been a while since I ran more than that so I’m a little nervous for what the next few weeks hold. I’ll just have to trust my hard work will pay off.

I realize a lot of you guys have completed half marathons and marathons so the idea of worrying about 5 miles probably seems kind of funny, but I haven’t run that far since college when 8-10 miles was nothing for me lol. Times have changed!

Overall, I’m happy with my workouts and the progress I’ve made. Have a great day! I will see you all tomorrow :).

What was good about your workouts last week?


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday + Weekly Workouts

  1. You can do it, you’ll get it back and then you’ll be on to bigger and better things (6.2!). If you need two rest days, you need two, don’t risk it and injure yourself, that’s a way worse choice!

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