10 Places On My Travel Wish List

I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but when I learned about Cortni’s 10 on the 10th linkup I knew right away I wanted to make an exception. If you don’t know what 10 on the 10th is you can read all about it here, but basically it’s a chance to meet some awesome bloggers while writing about any topic you want as long as it follows the theme of the number “10.”

While I’m normally a healthy living blogger, I wanted to use this opportunity to branch out and have some fun. I love to travel so I decided to put together a wishlist of 10 places I want to visit. Here we go!



I would looooove Rome to be my honeymoon destination one day. I’ve heard it’s a very romantic city and it’s one place I’ve always wanted to see. Thankfully Brian’s on board…so now all I need is that ring. Jk 😉



I was a kid who loved learning about history, especially ancient Egypt, so of course I had to include this destination on my list.

São Miguel, Azores


The Azores have been on my wish list ever since I met Brian. His family is from São Miguel and all the pictures I’ve seen of the island are incredible. I’d love to visit some day to see where his parents grew up and learn more about their heritage.





I have a friend who studied abroad in Scotland and she loved it. I’ve been to Ireland, which I’ve always imagined to be very similar, but I’d still jump at the chance to go here.

French Countryside


I went to Paris when I was in college. I heard wonderful things about the French countryside, but never made it there so I’m dying to go back.









That’s it for me. Thanks to Cortni for hosting this linkup.


Happy Saturday everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Has anyone been to any of the places on this list? Any travel destinations you would recommend?


9 thoughts on “10 Places On My Travel Wish List

  1. Quite a few of these places are on my list too! I’ve actually never been to Europe so I’m super jealous you’ve been to Ireland and Paris!! I’m so excited because I’m taking a trip over there later this year. We’re hoping to fit in Ireland, Scotland, England, and France. If you don’t mind sharing, what were your favorite parts of Ireland?

    1. I went to Ireland for two weeks on a school trip so we stayed in a bunch of places for like two days or so before moving on. I loved Galway. We did a walking tour of the city, which was really interesting. There were also a lot of little pubs where you could go at night to hear Irish music. The Cliffs of Moher were gorgeous. We stopped our first day in Ireland on our way to our hotel while we were passing through County Clare. Dublin was neat too. We went to the Guinness factory, which is super touristy, but still fun, even though I don’t like their beer lol.

      Have fun!

  2. Great list! I’ve been to Hawaii and all of your European list. My mom is from Italy so I am very fortunate to have grown up traveling all over Europe. Honestly, you can’t go wrong. It’s such a treasure and you will enjoy yourself no matter where the wind takes you.

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