Workout Wednesday

Upper Body Workout Video

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I wasn’t in the mood to design my own workout last night. I wanted something a little more engaging than a routine on paper so I turned to YouTube, a.k.a the best place on earth to find free workouts. Whenever I’m in the mood to try something new I always go to YouTube first and sometimes I end up discovering new fitness personalities and trainers I’d never heard of before, which is always fun.

Last night I chose this upper body workout from XHIT featuring Rebecca Louise.

upper body workout

Watch the video here.

I liked this video and Rebecca even introduced me to a few moves I had never heard of like the in & out hammer curls shown above. The workout left me sore in a good way and I was more than happy to do a little yoga when I finished.

The video I was sent yesterday as part of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge targeted the hips. I had no idea how tight my hips are until I tried that video! That is one area I will be stretching a lot more of in the future.

Have a great day everyone! I will see you all back here tomorrow.


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