Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #2

Another Friday–and it couldn’t come soon enough. This was one heck of a long week. Anyone else feel that way? I don’t have too many plans on the books for this weekend and that is just fine by me. Saturday afternoon I’m headed to a baby shower, but other than that I’m looking forward to laying low and putting in a long run on Sunday.

Since it’s Friday, I’m going to keep with tradition and jump right into my Friday Favorites. Play along in the comments and let me know some of the things you’re loving this week too.



This week I decided to take on more of the responsibility for the cooking in our house. That’s typically Brian’s job, but Sunday I decided to take a stab at meal planning and put together our dinners and snacks for the week. I made chicken, broccoli and ziti, paleo blueberry muffins, lean burrito bowls and homemade chicken tenders. Unfortunately, the salad I bought to go with the tenders went brown before we opened it so the chicken was eaten solo.

Caramel Dipped Pretzels

caramel dipped pretzels

I just finished the last of the caramel dipped pretzels my cousin Heather made me for Christmas. They were so good that I’m dying to make my own and might end up doing so this weekend. I already miss having a little sweet treat after dinner.

This Pic


I think it looks like Oscar is laughing in this picture, but really he just did a massive yawn. This photo cracks me up.

Manicure Tutorial


I paint my own nails pretty regularly, but I still learned a thing or two from this tutorial. My favorite tip: paint your pinky finger first and then work your way towards your thumb. You’re less likely to smudge or ruin a nail that way since you’re not leaning over wet nails to get to the next one. Genius! Why have I never thought of that before?

That’s it for me! Have a lovely Friday everyone. I will see you back here on Monday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #2

  1. I’ve always painted my pinky first and work inward and people think it’s strange. It’s always just felt like the proper thing to do.
    Seems like everyone is ready for the weekend! Maybe because it’s a long one? I hope you get to enjoy the long weekend too!

    1. You had the right idea w/ the pinki thing. Makes so much sense I really can’t believe it never occured to me ha! My company doesn’t give us Monday off 😔. I wish they did! It should be a good weekend anyway though. Happy Friday!

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