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Adventures In Meal Planning + An Upper Body Workout

Did you miss me yesterday? Just kidding, but I did take an unplanned day away from the blog. Work has been really busy and I was exhausted so I decided to take one thing off my to-do list and hit the sack early on Monday night.

OK, enough with my excuses. Let’s get to the workout section of this post. I was feeling ambitious yesterday so I put this quick upper body workout together with the intent of building strength. Each exercise is performed in two sets. The first set with a heavier weight. I used 10 lbs. The second set with lighter weights.I used 5 lbs.

upper body workout

Now, for the meal planning portion of this post. The actual planning of the meals is going great–the cooking, not so much. This week has been one heck of a fail in terms of cooking, but since I like to keep things honest around here I’m going to share my endeavors anyway.

Sunday, I tried to make pizza, but for whatever reason the dough we bought just wouldn’t rise. Brian and I make homemade pizza all the time and we’ve never run into this issue before so we just chalked it up to bad dough and ordered out.

Monday, I went to make balsamic chicken with roasted tomatoes, but when I opened my pint of grape tomatoes I realized some of the tomatoes were moldy even though I had bought them the day before! Ok, so that’s some bad luck and shame on me for not checking the crate thoroughly. I ended up making plain old chicken with mushrooms and peppers as a side (those were supposed to be the toppings on Sunday’s pizza)


You may not be able to tell from this picture, but I burnt the chicken pretty badly. I also smoked up the kitchen, but thankfully the fire alarm for the entire condo complex did not go off, which has happened to me in the past. So there’s a win!

Tuesday night I worked a little later than usual and came home ready to make grilled cheese stuffed with mushroom, onion and Gouda, but when I came in the door Brian told me he was on his way out. There was a last minute school board meeting planned and he was asked to attend. So, I scrapped plans to make anything and just had an egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin.

Lets hope tonight brings a yummy home cooked meal with no mishaps!

Do you like to cook? Anyone else occasionally set off the fire alarm?


4 thoughts on “Adventures In Meal Planning + An Upper Body Workout

  1. The grilled cheese you were going to make sounds amazing! I made one with cheddar, guac, bacon and tomato last week. I like to cook and actually have time to this semester! I tried to make homemade tomato sauce and it was alright (I’m used to the processed canned stuff so I need to get over the fact that there’s no sugar in there haha).

  2. Your grilled cheese sounds yummy too! I might have to steal that idea soon 🙂 I’m glad you like to cook. I’m still learning to like it, but my timing when multiple things are involved is SO bad haha.

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