How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

I think one of the hardest parts about healthy eating in the beginning is that your taste buds aren’t used to it. Packaged and processed foods are typically high in sugar or salt. They taste good so healthier meals are bland in comparison, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Real, healthy foods can taste good too.

Need an example? I’m not the biggest broccoli fan. I don’t like the way it tastes plain, but sprinkle some garlic on it, maybe a little lemon juice and suddenly it tastes pretty good and I’ll eat it all. Here some of the ways I make “plain” foods taste good.

Add Honey


I eat oatmeal as a snack at my desk at least three days a week, sometimes more, but plain oatmeal is not my cup of tea. I used to sweeten it with splenda, but now I mix in just a little bit of honey. Sometimes I even toss in some raisins like you can see in this picture.

Sea Salt & Pepper


Don’t underestimate the power of salt and pepper, which work well with most vegetables and meats. Things like rosemary and garlic add an extra little punch too. You can buy all of those things at any grocery store.



I already mentioned this one, but it’s worth repeating. A little bit of lemon makes everything taste better. I even like to put this on pasta mixed with a little butter. I put lemon in my water, drizzle it on veggies, etc. Basically, i can’t get enough.

Add Fruit

Salad recipe

Salads can be a little boring after a while so I like to mix it up by adding in some fruit like apple slices or baby celemintes. I’ve also been known to throw in some pumpkin seeds. You want to be careful not to add too many nuts because those calories add up fast, but putting a healthy topping on your salad adds an unexpected flavor and gives it some staying power. Just make sure you choose a dressing that compliments whatever you’ve thrown into the mix.

Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon

Pumpkin-Pie- Spice

I’ve been known to sprinkle these things into my coffee, on a banana and apple slices. Either one of these can also jazz up oatmeal or cereal.

Chili Powder, Basil Pesto, Chicken Stock


I like to add these things to white rice to give it a little flavor. Any of these spices/ condiments alone is enough to get the job done.

Any seasonings you like to use? Any tips for adding flavor to healthy foods?


4 thoughts on “How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

  1. All of your suggestions are great! I am a huge fan of cooking frozen banana chunks or berries into my microwaved oatmeal (keep them in the work freezer), and adding tons of cinnamon, some vegan protein powder and stevia. It tastes like a big cookie! I bake chicken with salt, pepper, and green onion/peppers to get more flavor (I follow FODMAP so no real onion). It really is easy to make it good 🙂

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