My Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Since I spent most of my weekend packing, I thought it would be a good time to throw together a quick post outlining my travel essentials. I used to travel a lot more for work, but I still fly out to cover industry events for the magazine I work for about five times a year. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing a combination of things I need and things that make the experience a little more comfortable.



When I’m traveling for work, my schedule tends to be pretty tight. Think meetings every half-hour or so from 9-5 followed by work dinners and then a long night of writing. It can be really hard to find time to eat regularly scheduled meals so I always have healthy snacks on hand. For my trip this week, I packed Vans Cranberry Almond chewy granola bars and Sunbelt Bakery Oatmeal Raisin bars. I’m certain I’ll be shoving more than one of these in my face as I run from meeting to meeting. Bonus? These are great plane snacks too.

Pandora Spa Station

Pandora Spa

If you’re a nervous flyer, it helps to have some relaxing music on hand. If not, it’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day. I love taking advantage of the hotel bath by taking a long soak to relax my mind and soothe my tired feet. Listening to the Pandora Spa station just magnifies the effect.

Hand Sanitizer & Lotion


I don’t even want to think about how many germs I come into contact with when I travel so I always carry a mini hand sanitizer with me. I also keep a travel-sized hand cream since planes tend to be dry. Don’t forget that any liquid you carry onto the plane has to be 3.4 ounces or under and must be placed into one quart sized plastic bag.



Anytime you’re doing a lot of walking in less than comfy shoes bandaids are a great idea. I try to pack shoes that are as comfy as possible, but I still usually end up with a blister or two.



The SOAR app is another resource for nervous travelers. It was designed by a retired airline pilot and includes information about how flight works and why you feel things like turbulence, etc during a flight. Sometimes I’m a nervous flyer, sometimes I’m not. It really depends on how my anxiety is that day/week. I found this app while I was doing some research for this post and it seems like it offers a lot of helpful tools. I downloaded it just in case.

Here are some other general tips/must-haves for travel:

-A good book or movie/TV series. I always bring my iPad when I travel so I can download books or a movie to watch to make the time pass quickly. This can also be a lifesaver if flights are delayed, etc.

-I put all of my chargers for my electronics in one gallon sized plastic bag so that they are easy to find or grab and move out of the way when I have to place my laptop on the belt going through security.

-Flats. They’re easy to slip on and off going through security.

-I always put my hotel information into my phone so that if I’m in a cab and need the address quickly it’s easy to find.

-I bring a plastic bag to put all of receipts in so I don’t lose anything. My company reimburses me for expenses up to a certain amount a day. This makes filling out an expense report when I get back super easy.

Do you have any travel tips to share?


3 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials

  1. I always love seeing what other people’s packing routines are like! I am travelling this week too, and my snacks consist of all natural beef jerky, quest bars, and oat bran that I cook in hot water in the airport with protein powder/at my hotel in the morning. And definitely sanitary wipes for hands and the seat belt on the plane….haha – OCD!

    Happy Monday!
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  2. I’m a nervous flyer too so that app sounds awesome! We had so much turbulence taking off yesterday, I was gripping my legs so hard.

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