I have another survey for you guys today. This one is called “Currently” because it takes you through some of the things that I’m currently loving. I first saw this on Julie’s blog a while back and since then I’ve seen it resurface a few times elsewhere. If you guys enjoy reading surveys as much as I like putting them together I might make this a regular thing. Let me know what you think!

Current Book (s):

I just downloaded “Whitey Bulger: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice,” onto my ipad. It’s my plane book for this week’s business trip (I’m currently in Austin, TX for work). I love true crime stuff and growing up not too far from Boston, this is definitely a story that interests me.

Current Music: 

For workouts, I’ve been loving Spotify’s Girls Night playlist. Other than that “Mean to me” by Brett Eldredge is a favorite of mine right now.

Spotify Girls Night

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Black and white trail mix by Archer Farms. You can buy it at Target. I am seriously addicted to this stuff and could eat the whole bag. If you’ve never tried this then run to the nearest Target ASAP! The mix has regular peanuts and raisins mixed with chocolate dipped and yogurt dipped nuts. Amazing!

black and white trail mix

Current nail color:

White. OPI’s Alpine Snow. You guys saw a pic here.

Current drink: 

This is kind of boring, but I really only drink water with the exception of tea or coffee. If we’re talking alcohol…a Michelob Ultra, any Merlot or a Margarita.

Current Food: 

These paleo blueberry muffins. So delish! I need to make another batch soon.

paleo blueberry muffins

Current favorite show:

Sons of Anarchy

Current wishlist:

A gym membership at a place that offers group fitness classes. I’m a PF girl right now.

Current needs:

Nothing I can think of.

Current indulgence:

Neapolitan ice cream! I’ve been enjoying this a little too often lately.

ice cream

Current blessing: 

So many, but definitely Brian, Oscar and my loving and supportive family.

Current excitement:

I’m headed to Disney World on a family vacation (everyone on my dad’s side of the fam) this summer and I’m already counting down the days!

Your turn. Pick a few the questions above and share what you’re currently loving.


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