5 DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Guess what yesterday was? My one year blogiversary. Pink Polish and Running Shoes is officially one year and one day old! I would have forgotten if WordPress didn’t remind me when I logged in to type up this post. I can’t believe how fast one year went by. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading this little blog and who has stuck with me!

Moving on from that little aside, Valentines Day is coming up. Brian and I aren’t big on really celebrating this holiday, but we do have a date night to mark the occasion. Sometimes we go to dinner or the movies. Other times, we stay in and split a bottle of wine. This year we’ve decided not to give each other presents, but even when we do we try to keep it low key.

I love the idea of DIY gifts for Valentines Day because they come from the heart. There’s no reason to break the bank for every holiday, but to me it’s still a good time to do something a little special for your significant other. If you’re short on cash this year, but still want to spread the love then read on!

DIY Valentines Day Gifts

7 Days of Love via The Dating Divas


Materials: A pill box, some candy and seven quotes.

Fold up the quotes and place one in each little box. Add candy. Then have your significant other open one box each day.

50 Reasons Why I Love You via Repeat Crafter Me


Materials: Jar, peanut butter cups, paper…voila! Pretty darn easy, but so cute.

Open When Letters


Materials: Paper, envelope, pen, markers.

I’ve seen this gift a few times on Pinterest and I think it’s such a sweet option for couples who have been together for a long time. You never know when the person you love will need some words of encouragement and a quick reminder of how much you care.

Nips with a Note via Design and DIY Magazine


Materials: His/her favorite alcohol, red paper to cut out the hearts.

Valentine Coupon Book via Mommy by Day crafter by Night

Valentine Coupon Book

Materials: Paper, markers, scissors–If you click the link above the photo, I think you can download a template from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night.

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? What are your plans this year?


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